Just as Clintons life was changing for the better, he got mugged and lost his sight in the split of a second when he tried to protect “what actually saved his life”


Operation Hunger meets Clinton’s family on Mandela Day, July this year to donate and deliver groceries to a family of two impaired people who live together in a two room shack. Ouma as she is fondly named by the Operation Hunger feeding scheme participants is said to have been very active in the community of Blikkiesdorp during her days. She ran a crèche together with two other women, her son at the time, Clinton, was a very naughty community youth who caught up all unwanted troubles for himself. Even though Ouma tried her best to disciple him, peer group pleasure of the large shanty town consisting of 1800 families ruled Clinton’s life.

Shanty township (Blikkiesdorp)

Not only was Clinton’s mom an active woman in the community, she was a respected dedicated prayer woman who prayed and supported people daily and weekly in prisons, hospitals and in her community. She never Forgot or stopped praying for her own Clinton too. But his bad life style was not improving.

One day a charismatic church operating in a canvas tent visited the community and was placed in an open space on the eastern side of Oumas house just next to Clinton’s home. It wasn’t long after the tent church was establishment Ouma became very ill and suffered multiple strokes. Soon thereafter she lost her job at the crèche and was bedridden for life. Fortunately during this time of her illness, Clinton although he was still out in the streets doing criminal activities he was married to a good hearted woman who looked after his mom.

The illness of his mom, affected him and he badly wanted to change his life. His mom’s medical bills were rising and none of his criminal activities could bail him out. One of his worst fears was to end up in jail leaving his bedridden mom alone at home. That forced him to leave the thug life he lived and pushed him to job hunting. Oumas prayers accompanied him each day he went out to seek a job. There is .. “A time to throw away stones and a time to gather stones”

Clinton, Ouma’s only child receives an employment at last, even though the income was little but it gave this young lad and his home hope and for a new beginning.

His wife could eventually be like other women go shopping with her husband and bring his mom her favorite fruit during month ends.

Clinton’s urge to improve his life further more drove him to the tent church services held next to his home. He accepted God in his life. As the say “one cannot meet the Lord and remain the same thereafter”

For Clinton it was time for new beginnings, a time for a renewed life. It was a time to love the Lord and righteousness and a time to hate. To hate wrong doings, evil, crime and everything that he was doing in the past. Ouma’s life and his wife was always a life of thankfulness and joy.

Just when everything was going so well for him…

Clinton (bottom right) Ouma (centre of pic) Ex wife top right and Fiancé bottom right

One night , in the depth of the night’s silence everyone was peacefully a sleep, a noise coming from the tent church side woke Clinton up. He couldn’t resist it; he went outside to look at what was taking place. In the dark tent by the musical cables. He spotted the three thieves, he shouted and chased after them as they ran. Yelling! … This is a house of prayer not a house for thugs”

That’s when his wife who was deep asleep woke up and realized that it was her husband shouting outside.

They thought that the incident was over, not realizing that something bad was about to happen to them. The thugs knew who he was and had decided to ambush him on his way from work and blinded his eyes so he could never see again or point any finger at them in case they are reported to the police. Life in Clinton’s home dropped and went down and down, his wife could hardly manage to look after the two of them anymore. (Blind Clinton and his paralyzed mom). Clinton discovered and understood the suffering of his wife and eventually made the heartbreaking decision of releasing his wife since she was young and had no children with him. Although released, the good hearted wife came would return home occasionally to wash Ouma but Clinton refused to be assisted by her.

ACSA and OH Mandela day

There is a time to weep and a time to laugh.

An OH feeding scheme lands up also just next to Oumas house, on the west side just next to Clintons home, The six cooks from the operation hunger feeding scheme and some community members make turns looking after Ouma and Clinton daily. This two receives daily meals from the feeding scheme. The feeding scheme feeds 400 people daily

On Mandela day Operation Hunger joined ACSA in the community and distributed 1800 food parcels in the community. One of these parcels was delivered personally by operation to the family. What was outstanding and moving on the day of the visit was to see Clinton neatly dresses up and having had a brand new hair cut and beautiful shaving that had been done by his ex – wifes fiancé, also noticed how fresh Ouma looked, this was after a nice warm bath given by her ex- daughter in –law.

Thanks to all the community people that are taking care of people such as this family who has not relative or no one to take care of them.

Get involved for a better community. In order to expand its operations Operation hunger is appealing for support, either financially or as a volunteer. You could become an OH Activist or even get the children involved with “OH Youth Action”

Forward with the women… Forward

Clement Summerton

Western Cape

(National Development Coordinator)





Participants from the two informal settlements flocked together at a central venue to attend a PRA work shop conducted by Operation Hunger and AECI representatives being Clement Summerton and Solomon Mojela. The PRA modules included area mapping, identification of socio-economic challenges such as unemployment, lack of skills, proper municipal services, and crime.


Lack of water and proper municipal services is the biggest challenge experienced by both two informal settlements namely Likazi & MNS. Out of seven  key  solutions  suggested to better the lives of the needy , job creation was identified as a number one need.  The least prioritized was the Police forum.

The piece of land earmarked for garden activities at Likazi is characterized by sinking holes however the 20 garden participants have shown confided that the sinking will not continue and the area just need to be leveled. It was decided that the  three Spazas will remain in the garden to be utilized by the participants when they sell their produce..  Quotations for Materials were been made and requisitions for payment will be sent to head office.

The Beneficiary ID collection process  was halted due to some disputes regarding beneficiary list at Likazi, and we therefore provided both two communities with receipts books that their pages are numbered from 1-100 and in duplicate to register all finalized beneficiaries’ names and that will be considered indisputable

. Pictures will be captured at our next visit at the hand over and Solomon and Clement will be in the field two days prior to the hand over day to finalize everything in time.

#Youth Month


For families around South Africa and the world, hunger means more than going to bed with an empty stomach. Getting the right kind of food at different stages of life can mean the difference between becoming a healthy adult — or not. So we must ensure that our children and the youth have the nutrients they need to stay healthy — and also the right support and tools to build a stronger economic future for themselves. #Youth Month

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A story from Mrs. Nocwengile Malayisha

A story from Mrs. Nocwengile Malayisha

Mrs N Molovisha

I Mrs. Nocwengile Malayisha from Ndlovana village under the township of Mqanduli, I would like to express my word of gratitude to Operation Hunger and village leaders who saw the need of starting feeding schemes in our villages.  I came to know about Operation Hunger in June 2010 when a feeding scheme was started at Ekukhwezeni village where poverty and community needs were so demanding.  Furthermore I did not believe Operation Hunger management when they promised us that all five villages will also have these feeding schemes.  Patiently I was so desperate and in hurry to have this project in my own village.

I remember in September 2013, Operation Hunger eventually brought kitchen equipment our village Ndlovana and started feeding the neediest individuals, families, people and house headed families that were suffering from hunger because employment is very rare in the surrounding areas of Mqanduli.  Since then Operation Hunger has brought a huge change in our village, most children had sores in their heads because there were not feed properly.  Some of the children they even improved their weight we have witness this during weighing of children and feedback afterwards provided by this organization that has uplifted our village to better.  I am saying this because all six feeding schemes are not only focusing on feeding but there are also other projects that bring income to volunteers and change in many families.

Last year September 2015 Operation Hunger together with community leaders brought fencing which was given to Ekukhwezeni village for gardening in 2010.  Hence Ekukhwezeni ended up losing interest for gardening because their garden was not producing good crops and they started sowing and it was then that fencing was brought to Ndlovana village.  Ever since we received this fencing we are able to harvest cabbage and potatoes, our people are buying cabbage from us and we are also benefiting from this garden as a project.  December 2015 we were able to earn R600.00 each as project members/volunteers of the project and we also managed to bring change in our families by buying Christmas clothing for our children.

Lastly I would like to really extend my appreciation to Operation Hunger for allowing us as projects to grow not only focus on feeding but rather to extend and start other project that would bring income and change our family style of leaving.  I look forward in starting other project but in the help of Operation Hunger.