Harvesting at The Tunnel Gardens in Limpopo

Two Tunnel gardens, one at Chirela and the other at Maseveni in Jane Furse Limpopo have started selling their vegetables which are organic and free from poisonous agrichemicals.  The gardens have been designed in a holistic manner and use permaculture principles to help disadvantaged families produce more food with less resources.

The communities are using compost made from animal waste, and other organic material found within the community.  They are making their own natural remedies to control garden pests and diseases using various herbs and other pest repelling plants by interplanting with vegetables.  The community have greatly invested in soil fertility through liquid organic fertilizers which they make from plants like comfrey, borage, stinging nettle and lucern.  The community’s intention is to invest their income from the garden on other projects such as sewing and value-added food processing initiatives to boost their revenue and improve local commodity supply.

The development of tunnel gardens by Operation HungerLimpopo region has greatly impacted on the lives of the community in Jane Furse. The projects have positively changed the communities’ nutrition and health needs through production of healthy organic vegetables and culinary herbs using borehole water installed by Operation Hunger in every village.  The Tunnel Gardens produce are healthy and very nutritious Spinach, Giant Red Mustard Greens, Savoy Perfection Cabbage, Curled Purple Wave Mustard and Red Russian Kale.