Semester at Sea Volunteer at Operation Hunger Western Cape

34 Volunteers from the United States of America – Semester at Sea Program volunteered at Freedom Farm, Cape Town.  The students helped the Field Workers with children surveillance  and thereafter entertainment from project beneficiaries with the feeding scheme displaying its activity in which Two-Hundred and Seventy beneficiaries were reached. Recording of the data was done by the students, overseen by Clement Summerton, National Training and Development Coordinator.

The statistics at Freedom Farm stated; 80 % of the girl child carry expected weight for age, muacwas at 90% and only 3 percent stunted. General condition of the girl child was very good! 40% of the boys carry expected weight for age; muacwas at 50% and stunting at 10%. General condition of the boys was not too good given the majority of the area are at risk for malnutrition. Operation Hunger in Cape town will continue to monitor the boychild for better results.

A great thank you to Professor Ashby and her students for volunteering their time in helping the less fortunate.