There are a number of ways that individuals and organisations can work with, partner or assist in the fight against malnutrition with Operation Hunger.


  • Creating or being part of a team that helps to invite friends to an existing event. If every friend invites two other friends, the number of people attending grows exponentially.
  • Host an event at your home, office, school or place of worship.
  • Create your own fundraising event or activity to generate funds for Operation Hunger (such as a raffle, bake sale, walk, silent auction, start a coin collection, dine at home and donate the money that you would have spent, bingo night, etc).

Our fundraising team will be happy to help to support you with any fundraising material and pledge forms and ideas to make your event a success. Depending on the size of your event, location and availability, a member of Operation Hunger staff may be available to participate. Make sure that you read “Become an activist” , below, to help out further.


If you want to make a difference, your time volunteering with Operation Hunger will do just that. It will give you a real sense of achievement and fulfilment. Also, any voluntary work is always a positive bonus on your CV.

We need enthusiastic professional people with experience in communications, PR, marketing, fundraising, administration, education – the list is endless. We need people to offer their services pro-bono as a supporter or volunteer. Even if you are retired and would like to offer just one or two days a month, every contribution is gratefully accepted. If you would like to assist us, please submit your CV and a covering letter stating the following:

  • Your Interest in Operation Hunger
  • Your expertise and background
  • The number of hours and times you could volunteer

We also need volunteer field workers to assist us with food distribution and fundraising assistance. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much you know, we are grateful for all assistance. If you would like to help out, please contact us.

Occasionally, Operation Hunger also need assistance or technical expertise in specific areas such as HR, finance, management, training, IT, for example. If you have a technical expertise and would like to offer your services pro bono, please submit your CV and a covering letter stating the following:

  • Your interest in Operation Hunger
  • Your technical expertise and background
  • The number of hours you would be willing to work
  • The times of day for which you would be available or willing to give advice

So if you are an energetic individual with a passion to make a difference, please get in touch. Also, don’t forget to read the next topic on becoming an activist.


Virtually all volunteer activists focus around fundraising activities for our programs. These include activities such as:

  • Creating or becoming part of a team, inviting friends and colleagues to learn about Operation Hunger.
  • Hosting an informal event at your home, office, school or place of worship.
  • Creating a fundraising event to raise funds for Operation Hunger.
  • Helping to encourage friends to like Operation Hunger on facebook.


Over 24 million South Africans live on less than R322 per month – that is approximately R10 per day. Why not take the Operation Hunger challenge and see if you could possibly live on R10 for just one day and then donate the difference of what you would have spent. Or better still, why not throw the challenge to a group of friends or colleagues? Just one day living in this way could hugely benefit needy communities within South Africa. Please feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance.


Are you a young person who is interested in making a difference in South Africa? Join Operation Hunger in it’s mission to end hunger and poverty. Build your leadership skills and educate you and your friends about the level of hunger and poverty in South Africa. Here are some ways that you could help:

  • Create an Operation Hunger group at your school and discuss how we can work together to end poverty and hunger in South Africa.
  • Hold a sale, bake sale or coffee morning and attach a label with some interesting facts and important statistics about hunger and poverty in South Africa.
  • Hold a fundraising event through your school, youth group, religious group or camp group. You could do sponsored walks or swims, yard sales, benefit plays or concerts, read-a-thons and many more. If you need some ideas, contact us.
  • Get your friends to like us on facebook.
  • Get your colleagues to donate a food item, book or a good quality item of clothing and have a collection day.
  • Skip the sweets or ice cream. Instead of indulging yourself get a group to think about hunger and poverty and donate your luxury to Operation Hunger.
  • Start a coin collection in stores in your neighborhood. Decorate a coin can and share the message about how every cent counts.
  • Put on a play or concert and donate the proceeds to Operation Hunger.

The ideas are endless. If you want to help out Operation Hunger through youth action, contact us.