A story from Mrs. Nocwengile Malayisha

A story from Mrs. Nocwengile Malayisha

Mrs N Molovisha

I Mrs. Nocwengile Malayisha from Ndlovana village under the township of Mqanduli, I would like to express my word of gratitude to Operation Hunger and village leaders who saw the need of starting feeding schemes in our villages.  I came to know about Operation Hunger in June 2010 when a feeding scheme was started at Ekukhwezeni village where poverty and community needs were so demanding.  Furthermore I did not believe Operation Hunger management when they promised us that all five villages will also have these feeding schemes.  Patiently I was so desperate and in hurry to have this project in my own village.

I remember in September 2013, Operation Hunger eventually brought kitchen equipment our village Ndlovana and started feeding the neediest individuals, families, people and house headed families that were suffering from hunger because employment is very rare in the surrounding areas of Mqanduli.  Since then Operation Hunger has brought a huge change in our village, most children had sores in their heads because there were not feed properly.  Some of the children they even improved their weight we have witness this during weighing of children and feedback afterwards provided by this organization that has uplifted our village to better.  I am saying this because all six feeding schemes are not only focusing on feeding but there are also other projects that bring income to volunteers and change in many families.

Last year September 2015 Operation Hunger together with community leaders brought fencing which was given to Ekukhwezeni village for gardening in 2010.  Hence Ekukhwezeni ended up losing interest for gardening because their garden was not producing good crops and they started sowing and it was then that fencing was brought to Ndlovana village.  Ever since we received this fencing we are able to harvest cabbage and potatoes, our people are buying cabbage from us and we are also benefiting from this garden as a project.  December 2015 we were able to earn R600.00 each as project members/volunteers of the project and we also managed to bring change in our families by buying Christmas clothing for our children.

Lastly I would like to really extend my appreciation to Operation Hunger for allowing us as projects to grow not only focus on feeding but rather to extend and start other project that would bring income and change our family style of leaving.  I look forward in starting other project but in the help of Operation Hunger.