Outdoor Media Donates Billboard

Outdoor Media SA, a specialized advertising media consulting company that exclusively acts for and on behalf of third parties and property owners has generously sponsored a billboard for Operation Hunger.

Check out the beautiful Billboard on Zambezi Drive Pretoria that was so kindly sponsored by Outdoor Media SA. Operation Hunger would like to express sincere gratitude to Outdoor Media for the sponsoring of this billboard.

Specialized advertising media consultants www.outdoormedia-sa.co.za

Qualcomm Donates Office Furniture To Operation Hunger

Qualcomm an international incorporation, has donated a massive amount of office desks, credenzas, cabinets and boardroom tables to Operation Hunger to furnish our new National Office premises.

Operation Hunger, having finally found new premises for the National Office were in a bit of a dilemma of how to furnish the new offices.  We made use of the Forgood online platform and posted our needs on the website, of which we signed up earlier this year.

Imagine our delight when a lady by the name of Laveshnee Pillay contacted us through the Forgood website with an offer of ten desks, including a chair, a cabinet and credenza with each desk, and two board room tables with associate cabinets. Jumping at the offer we immediately replied with an acceptance of this generous donation and made plans to meet with Laveshnee as soon as we were able.

Two of our employees drove to the Qualcomm offices to meet and make arrangements for collecting the furniture but Laveshnee added an extra to the offer and stated that she would arrange for the delivery of all the furniture to our offices. Surprised and appreciative of the generosity we happily toured the Qualcomm offices as Laveshnee showed us the furniture we would shortly be receiving.

We thought that only ten desks and two boardroom tables were on offer but as Laveshnee took us on tour she explained that the offer had expanded to include an extra six desks with dividers and another two boardroom tables added to the original offer.

So with gratitude we bid our host a good day and returned to our office, happy that we would be receiving even more the we ever expected.

Operation Hunger is an organization com

mitted to fighting malnutrition in South Africa but without the generosity of people like Laveshnee Pillay who got Qualcomm Inc. to donate the furniture, our mission would be far more difficult so if you wish to help us or want to find out more about us you can visit: www.operationhunger.org or email us at: info@operationhunger.org