Limpopo and Mpumalanga Vegetable Gardens- Pjapjamela

Limpopo and Mpumalanga Vegetable Gardens- Pjapjamela

The garden at pjapjamela soup kitchen is flourishing due to the availability of water from a borehole drilled and equipped through the assistance of INMED. Mr Johanah Ngobeni a person living with disability is participating in the garden, and he thanked Operation hunger for the support given to the community of Pjapjamela both for the soup kitchen and garden. “Both my family and myself, our lives have improved as we benefit from the vegetables we planted by our own hands from the garden” he proclaimed. “ This reminds me of my hardship during the 80s where I was working at a timber factory, waking up early in the morning at around 3:00am and travelling a distance of about 7km to catch a truck to the timber factory which was also difficult for me to climb up on the truck. I was earning R70.00 after 5 weeks of labour”, he further narrated his previous experience.

“Today we are fed right here at our work place and carry on with our daily work in the garden without carrying anything to eat from our homes. What a blessing is this?“ He asked as he continues to tell of his story.

Mr Ngobeni works together with other volunteers whom are young men and women from the community of Pjapjamela and sell their produce to local and neighbouring villages and schools for income generating.


Success story compiled by Solomon Mojela: OH Mpumalanga & Limpopo regions’ project coordinator

Date compiled: 10/09/2017