Oom John Selebedi (86years), one of the most Enthusiastic Volunteers

Oom John Selebedi has been working with Operation Hunger for over ten years.His work with Bennie Berend our Regional Field Coordinator in the Northern cape has been inspiring.

When the soup kitchen was started in the year 2008 this elder man (Oom John Selebedi), who is now 86 years of age, was the first person to volunteer at the Gong Gong soup kitchen. He is an additional member of the committee of the soup kitchens and strives to provide aid to any who need it.

Oom John was the person who, when Operation Hunger first approached the community, spent his time driving Bennie Berend for orientation around the community.

He was in charge of construction of the buildings forthe soup kitchen to operate in and to erect the fence around the structure. He helps out in the yard and with the food garden.

He is still going strong and is present in every program or event Operation Hunger sponsors. He loves his work and will always serve the community through Operation Hunger.

Many ThanksOomJohn, Operation Hunger is happy to have your support and hope to have you with them for many more years to come.