Port Elizabeth TB awareness drive by Hellenvale Soup Kitchen


Diseases combined with malnutrition are the leading causes of death in poor communities.  Operation Hunger works with communities to evaluate the feasibility of treatment, disease prevention and disease control. Interventions to better control diseases in target communities are done through awareness campaigns that seek to protect individuals, reducing the reservoir of the disease (in the animal, environment and people), educating people as to where, when and how the diseases are spread as well as initiating environmental measures such as rubbish dump location and management evaluation and animal care.

Each of the 30 Soup Kitchens under Operation Hunger are actively involved in disease management activities in their respective communities. Some feeding schemes have become community based DOTS centres and work closely with nominated health workers.

One such feeding scheme is the Port Elizabeth based in Hellenvle Scheme. On 24 March 2015 Operation Hunger had a community TB Day event at our Soup Kitchen site which fostered interactions with the target group who are generally susceptible to communicable diseases because of their socio-economic standing.

The event was a joint effort between Operation Hunger and the local clinic in Hellenvale and was well attended by the community. Operation Hunger gave a broad overview on the purpose of the day and the clinic had various speakers at the event giving information on TB, HIV/AIDS and Hypertension. The session was collaborative with healthy dialogue between health workers and community members.

After the information sharing session people did tests for TB, High Blood and condoms were distributed. Attendees and soup kitchen beneficiaries were then treated to a special meal for the day.

Operation Hunger is a holistic development enthusiast seeking to share knowledge with its beneficiaries and audience. Diseases control is a challenge, but rewarding work. Campaigns are an interesting way that not only inform people but also help reduce diseases in the communities through one on one education and life skills training. Operation Hunger seeks donations of R4500 (per event) to run each of the 4 planned events per community.  The organization urges corporates and individuals to support these drives.