Women Doing It For Themselves in The Eastern Cape

Operation Hunger’s involvement in the Eastern Cape Province’s Mqanduli / Ekukhwezeni community by way of diverse of nutrition projects, enterprise development ventures and empowerment drives to support the initial Feeding Schemes have turned into full time vocations for some of the programme volunteers.

A group of women with a love for dress-making and art established a sewing group covering  Mqanduli/Ekukhwezeni villages under the Operation Hunger Feeding Schemes. This came about as a recreational activity to pass time while food for the Feeding Schemes cooked on the stoves and fires. Their friendship and common love for the craft moved them to financially commit to their newfound group by way of a R100 contribution each, which saw them quickly raise R1,000.


Operation Hunger has since pitched in with more support of the now enterprise as The Sewing Project officially kicks off. The project hopes to empower and assist its members financially from sales of sewed and knitted items within the same communities.